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AKM Design Shop

Culture Street

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Opening: 11:00 Closing: 19:30
Closed for on Mondays.

In AKM’s Design Shop are sold souvenirs designed in remembrance of AKM’s works of performing and plastic arts, each of them telling a story of its own. Here are also sold some specially designed products about AKM, which deal with AKM’s architectural details and can be found nowhere else. The Design Shop also contains a distinguished collection of İstanbul.

Discover Other Venues

AKM Etkinlik - Türk Telekom Opera Hall
Türk Telekom Opera Hall

The main component of AKM's façade facing the Taksim Square is the Opera Hall, a huge globe covered with 15 thousands ceramic pieces.

AKM Etkinlik - AKM Theatre Hall
AKM Theatre Hall

Situated at the entrance of AKM’s Culture Street, the Theatre Hall has a capacity of 781 and has been equipped with the latest technologies.

AKM Etkinlik - AKM Gallery
AKM Gallery

With its façade overlooking the Taksim Square, AKM Gallery composes a venue that is perfectly suitable for exhibitions.

AKM Etkinlik - AKM Music Platform
AKM Music Platform

AKM Music Platform houses two exhibitions and the "Respect to the Masters" corner.

Restaurants and Cafês

AKM Etkinlik - Divan Brasserie Foyer
Divan Brasserie Foyer

Divan Group, which develops its modern understanding inspired by the future, has a strong structure which includes hotels, bakeries, restaurants, cafeterias, shopping, and visiting spaces.