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AKM Music Recording Studio

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AKM Music Recording Studio, located in the second floor of Music Platform, is a professional sound recording studio designed especially to foster young people to participate in art and its production.

In the studio which is equipped with the highest technological paraphernalia pre-production and recording services take place accompanied by senior staff members. In the pre-production/preview phase the topic, materials to be used and other details are discussed, and necessary preparations are made. Therefore, any set backs that may arise during the recording or loss of time that may be experienced are prevented. In this phase, our technical team makes preparations based on the information given, and inform our guests on the procedures.

In the studio, recording can be completed by live recording or channel recording methods. In the live recording, all instruments and vocals are recorded in one take. In the channel recording all instruments and vocals are recorded separately and then sounds are merged. Although it is time consuming and requires more labour, the most ideal and professional recording method is channel recording. In the editing phase, one of the important stages of recording, various synchronization works such as cutting, copying, and pasting are done and each channel’s frequency adjustments are completed.

Mail : muzikplatformu@akmistanbul.gov.tr

What Can You Do in AKM Music Recording Studio?

  • Rehearsal
  • Multiple Channel Recording
  • Live Recording
  • Solo Recording


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