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Let's Meet at Atatürk Cultural Centre!

İstanbul AKM, which has left an indelible mark on the art memory of İstanbul and Türkiye, reopened its doors to art enthusiasts with great excitement on October 29, 2021, with a new look that pays homage to its previous architecture.

Affiliated with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the art units in İstanbul are stationed as resident institutions at the Atatürk Cultural Centre. It hosts art lovers throughout the year with its technologically advanced 2040-seat Türk Telekom Opera Hall, 781-seat Theatre Hall, 410 square meter AKM Gallery, and AKM Multipurpose Hall.

İstanbul AKM opens its doors not only for the events of resident institutions but also for joint and external productions. It offers a place for esteemed artists and groups from both domestic and international realms who wish to be a part of this stage, with its halls boasting flawless acoustic features and new event spaces.

Atatürk Cultural Centre continues to uphold its identity as a meeting place for art lovers, just as it was in the past. Equipped to compete with international counterparts, Atatürk Cultural Centre spreads its light from Taksim Square to İstanbul. Art institutions affiliated with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and based outside of İstanbul get the opportunity to meet with the people of İstanbul at the Atatürk Cultural Centre.

Experience Culture and Art on AKM's Culture Street!

Inside İstanbul AKM, Culture Street offers cultural stops that can appeal to art lovers of every age and from every geography.

AKM Gallery and AKM Multipurpose Hall are attractive options for exhibitions and other cultural events. Music Platform, which hosts long-term exhibitions related to music and music history; AKM Children's Art Centre, aiming to introduce art to children, especially those aged 4-6, through various workshops; and AKM Music Recording Studio with advanced technical equipment, aiming to support young people’s art production, are among the notable places on Culture Street.

In addition to these venues, AKM Library stands out with more than 20,000 works in a wide range of fields such as art, design, and architecture, serving as a significant specialized library. Hosting restaurants and cafes offering the unique flavors of Turkish cuisine, İstanbul AKM provides unforgettable experiences to both local and foreign visitors.

As the heart of art beats in AKM in İstanbul, we excitedly say, "See you at AKM!"