There are plenty of stops to explore in the Culture Road. You could read your book with a cup of tea in your hand, participate in various workshops, and visit some exhibitions. In the Culture Road, which creates a unique place to spend one’s free time, in addition to hosting varieties of cultural activities, accommodates the AKM Gallery, AKM Music Platform, AKM Music Recording Studio, AKM Multipurpose Saloon, AKM Children’s Art Centre, AKM Library, AKM Yeşilçam Cinema and cafés. This road serves as the meeting point of everyone who passes by İstanbul’s Taksim neighbourhood.

AKM Etkinlik - AKM Gallery
AKM Gallery

With its façade overlooking the Taksim Square, AKM Gallery composes a venue that is perfectly suitable for exhibitions.

AKM Etkinlik - AKM Music Platform
AKM Music Platform

AKM Music Platform houses two exhibitions and the "Respect to the Masters" corner.

AKM Etkinlik - AKM Music Platform Recording Studio
AKM Music Platform Recording Studio

AKM’s Music Platform Recording Studio aims to encourage young people’s participation in arts and art production.

AKM Etkinlik - AKM Children’s Art Centre
AKM Children’s Art Centre

AKM’s Children’s Art Centre has four classes and a shared space that are specially designed for children aged 4-6.

AKM Etkinlik - AKM Library
AKM Library

Within the body of İstanbul AKM is a specialised library focusing on the fields of music, arts, architecture, and design.

AKM Etkinlik - AKM Yeşilçam Cinema
AKM Yeşilçam Cinema

The only “Independent Cinema” operating in Türkiye, AKM’s Yeşilçam Cinema only shows independent, full-length movies.

Restaurants and Cafes

AKM Etkinlik - Biz İstanbul
Biz İstanbul

İstanbul’da yaşamış, İstanbul’dan tat almış, İstanbul’a tat vermiş herkes için…

AKM Etkinlik - Vakko L'Atelier
Vakko L'Atelier

Vakko L'Atelier, where Vakko classiness comes together with savour and brings together Chocolate, Patisserie, Bistrot, Ice Cream and Delight flavors, begins its service in Atatürk Cultural Center, the symbol of Türkiye’s cultural and artistic life.

AKM Etkinlik - Divan Brasserie Foyer
Divan Brasserie Foyer

Divan Group, which develops its modern understanding inspired by the future, has a strong structure which includes hotels, bakeries, restaurants, cafeterias, shopping, and visiting spaces.

Venue Rental

AKM Etkinlik - Türk Telekom Opera Hall
Türk Telekom Opera Hall

The Opera Hall, designed as a huge globe covered with 15 thousand ceramic pieces, is the main component of the AKM.

AKM Etkinlik - AKM Theatre Hall
AKM Theatre Hall

The Theater Hall, which is located at the entrance to Culture Street, is equipped with advanced acoustic, lighting, and imaging technologies.

AKM Etkinlik - AKM Gallery
AKM Gallery

The AKM Gallery, which mesmerizes with its design, is an area where special meetings for exhibition and promotional purposes can be held.

AKM Etkinlik - AKM Music Platform
AKM Music Platform

AKM Music Platform, which consists of two independent spaces with a total area of 350 m², is intended for long-term music exhibitions.