Ankara State Theatre

A man’s life is at stake here, how can we decide anything in five minutes? What if we are wrong…

Playwright Reginald Rose
Translator Ş. Necati Şahin
Production Director M. Akif Yeşilkaya
Scenic Design Efter Tunç
Costume Design Özlem Karabay
Light Design Yakup Çartık
Music Arın Aykut
Co-Director Dilek Bozkurt
Assistants Fatmanur İsmailçebi, Şermin Şekeroğlu

Juror #8 Alper Tazebaş
Juror #4 Ulaş Ersoy
Juror #3 İrfan Kılınç
Juror #7 Edip Tümerkan
Juror #10 Şekip Taşpınar
Juror #9 Fatma Nur İsmailçebi
Juror #1/Foreman Dilek Arıbal
Juror #6 Murat Kesim
Juror #5 Onur Kayabaşı
Juror #12 Akın Berk Sağıroğlu
Juror #2 Eren Özkan
Juror #11 Kadircan Şeren
Bailiff Ali Mert Ak
Judge Mehmet Atay

Stage Manager Levent Kaloç
Stagehand Burak Üner
Light Operation Kenan Ergin
Prompter Kiraz Han
Scenic Supervisor Sinan Ogay
Property Supervisor Ali Eroğlu
Women’s Tailor Mihriye Taşdelen
Men’s Tailor Mahmut Yılmaz
Wigger Cumhur Temiz
Cinevision Supervisor Burak Muslu

Event Rules
  • Purchased tickets cannot be changed or refunded, except in case of cancellation of the event or change of date.
  • The student ticket is only valid with an available student ID. On the day of the event, the student IDs must be presented to the staff.
  • AKM Management reserves the right not to admit those who are considered unsuitable for the event by giving them refunds.
  • During the concert, recording with cameras, mobile phones, and other recording equipment is forbidden. Recording devices will not be allowed in the venues. 
  • The events are suitable for participants aged 7 and over.
  • Once the event begins, no visitors will be allowed in the venue.
  • It is required for visitors to arrive and be ready at the entrance 1 hour prior to the event.   
  • The concert halls may change for reasons beyond control. AKM management is sure to change the seating layout, ensuring they assign the spectators a new seat in the changed venue that is closest to the prior ticket number. Purchased tickets will not be refunded due to the change of venue. 
  • Guests are required to comply with the stated seating layout; they are obliged not to change their seats during the event.
  • It’s forbidden to enter the venues with food and beverages, consume tobacco or tobacco products or use e-cigarettes outside smoke-free areas.

Restaurants and Cafes

AKM Etkinlik - Biz İstanbul
Biz İstanbul

İstanbul’da yaşamış, İstanbul’dan tat almış, İstanbul’a tat vermiş herkes için…

AKM Etkinlik - D&R

From movies to electronic products, D&R offers a vast catalogue of entertainment and culture products to its visitors.

AKM Etkinlik - Divan Brasserie Foyer
Divan Brasserie Foyer

Divan Group, which develops its modern understanding inspired by the future, has a strong structure which includes hotels, bakeries, restaurants, cafeterias, shopping, and visiting spaces.