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Tales are the most gleamy summaries of our lives. Among the most important aims of this workshop is to help children rediscover their dream world, make them try new practices, and encourage them to find a solution altogether. Tale Workshop for Children has been designed in a way that is supposed to increase awareness, endow children with a perspective full of confidence, and support children’s urge to create to freely. In this workshop that starts with tales and meet children’s dream world, new discoveries will be contributing to children’s happiness.

Capacity: 40
Age Range: 4-6
Ticket Price: 50 ₺

Note: In the case that workshop events to take place at the Children’s Art Centre does not meet with sufficient attendance, our event will be cancelled. Refund operations should be carried out through biletinial.

Event Rules

Sold tickets cannot be changed or returned, except in cases of cancellation of an event or a change of date.

All events to take place in AKM are subject to special rules due to the pandemic. All who buys a ticket is naturally regarded to have accepted to abide by these rules and sanctions.

AKM Administration has the right not to allow individuals whom they disapprove in the event area by refunding their tickets.

In the framework of the advice from the Coronavirus Science Committee in regard to the recent course of the coronavirus pandemic and its effects on public health, in accordance with the circular letter issued by the TR Ministry of Interior, “Mandatory PCR Test” dated 14.01.2022, it has been decided that scans with PCR tests are no longer needed before attending events such as concerts, cinemas, and theatres.

The viewers can attend the events by presenting their information on the Life Fits into Home (HES) applications. At the event entry points, all controls will be carried out through the HES application. In order for the HES code to procure the necessary information, the viewers are required to download the up-to-date version of the HES mobile application and allow to display Risk Status, Vaccination Status, Disease Status, and Test Status options on the “HES Code Settings” present on the app menu. PCR tests are not mandatory for viewers under 18 years of age.

It is compulsory to wear masks that will cover your nose and mouth. Those who are detected to have removed their masks will be warned, if the warnings are disregarded they will be taken outside the event area.

The viewers will be subject to contactless temperature checks, in cases of temperature takes higher than 37.5 degrees the viewer will not be allowed into the centre premises and will be warned to refer to a health institution.

It is prohibited to make recordings during the workshops by cameras, cell phones etc. recording devices. Recording devices will not be allowed on the premises.

Upon the commencement of the event, the parents will not be allowed in the workshop.

The participants can enter the Children’s Art Centre five minutes before the commencement of the event.

There may be changes in location due to compelling reasons. The sold tickets cannot be refunded because of a change in location.

With the exception of designated places, it is prohibited to enter the premises with food and beverages, smoke/use tobacco and tobacco products or vape electronic cigarettes.

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