Ankara State Theatre

Author, Peter Quilter
Translator, Nazlı Gözde Yolcu
Director, Funda Mete

The End Of The Rainbow tells the story of legendary and unforgettable artist Judy Garland's fun, challenging, and traumatic journey to her fame.

Judy Garland, Şirin Giobbi
Mickey Deans, Eren Özkan
Voice-over, BBC Reporter, Olcay Kavuzlu
Dancers, Gülden Çelen, Sezin Erkmen, Nur Ceylan, İlhan Özen, Umut Yılmaz, Yağmur Savaşkan, Furkan Şahin, Kaan Kızıldere, Buğuhan Bulut

Set Design, Anıl Ateş Işık
Costume Design, Sevgi Türkay
Lighting Design, Osman Uzgören
Music, Kemal Günüç
Choreography, Deniz Alp
Vocal Trainer, Melis Kızılaslan
Assistant Director, Ercan Eker
Asistant, Başak Gürdal

Bass Guitar, Selçuk Canberk Dağtekin
Piano, Öykü Damla Gözel
Drums, Kaan Elginöz
Saxhorn, Tarık Temüge
Stage Administrator, Levent Ünal
Stage Manager, Ekrem Durmuş, Murat Yılmaz
Light Control, Arif Ünver
Prompter, Burcu Tezel
Responsible for decorations, Metin Beştaş
Accessory Manager, Nafiz Hataş
Woman’s Tailor, Güleser Ogay
Men’s Tailor, Mahmut Yılmaz
Wig Designer, Öner Faruk Cihan
Cinevision Manager, Numan Tutak

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