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Atatürk Cultural Centre, which has left deep and significant marks on not only İstanbul’s but also Türkiye’s recollection of arts and culture, opened its gates to the lovers of art on October 29, 2021, in its renewed building which reminisces the visitors of its former architecture. 

İstanbul AKM, which incorporates all artistic units that are affiliated with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism as its established institutions, is ready to welcome lovers of art, with its Gallery of 400 square metres, Multipurpose Hall, 2040-seater Opera Hall, and 781-seater Theatre Hall.

In addition to the events organised by its established institutions, İstanbul AKM opens its gates to joint and foreign productions, too. Its saloons and new showgrounds, with their excellent acoustic properties, welcome artists and communities from Türkiye and other countries.

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