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Galataport İstanbul is set to transform this historical city harbor into a world-class cruise liner port and touristic destination, while opening the promenade to public use for the first time in approximately two centuries.

With its accessible low-rise buildings, an architectural design that embraces the historical tapestry of the area, broad range of transport options and more, Galataport İstanbul offers a breathing, healthy and safe environment for culture & arts, work, shopping and dining.

An exemplary project on the global scale, Galataport İstanbul features an underground terminal using a hatch system, first of a kind in the world. The historical harbor maintains its status as İstanbul’s maritime gateway into the world.

Another aspect of the project is a 2,400-vehicle underground parking lot, which will help alleviate the parking problem in the city.

Galataport İstanbul will welcome around 25 million visitors per year, including 7 million foreign tourists. The project is expected to attract around 1.5 million cruise liner passengers to İstanbul every year.

The City’s New Shopping and Gastronomy Neighborhood

All of the brands included in Galataport İstanbul, whether they enter the Turkish market for the first time or not, provide their services based on a concept centered on experience, suitable for all audiences and different tastes. The project has a broad range of store options, ranging from 20 to 2,000 square meters.

Galataport İstanbul is poised to become the new gastronomy neighborhood of the city, with 40% of its leasable area reserved for food & beverage establishments,  Situated in an area that had been home to a variety of different cultures in the past, Galataport İstanbul features numerous domestic and international brands that offer a wide selection of Turkish and world cuisines. It will offer certification and inspection for the local food & beverage industry, enabling visitors to experience certified and hygienic street food in a safe manner.

İstanbul’s New Hub of Culture, Arts and Design

Galataport İstanbul houses the finest works of modern art in Türkiye with the İstanbul Museum of Modern Art and Mimar Sinan University İstanbul Museum of Painting and Sculpture, both of which are located inside its premises. The Tophane Square, which was renovated as part of the project’s landscaping, will become the first museum square in Türkiye.

Located in the center of the Museum Square, the Tophane Clock Tower, dating back to 1848,  has been restored on-site using a special technique. Commissioned by Sultan Abdulmejid in the 19th century and bearing his tughra, or royal seal, the Tophane Clock Tower attracts İstanbul residents and visitors to the city alike as a monument that blends the historical with the modern, embracing memories and moments in time, and represents time and transformation.

Galataport İstanbul will host a variety of culture, arts and design events throughout the year, which is projected to drive a 72% increase in cultural and artistic events in the vicinity.

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