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Having been influenced by one another for years now, Cercle d’Orient and Emek Cinema are two of the most important historical buildings on the famous İstiklal Street. These buildings have been converted into a new-generation living centre, facing the future together with their collection of culturally significant heritages. Constructed in 1882 by Alexandre Vallaury, the founder and first architecture professor of Sanayi-i Nefise School’s architecture department, Cercle d’Orient building has an architectural structure that combines Western architecture with Ottoman tradition. Reflecting both neo-classical and baroque styles, the building was included in a series of repairments in 2009 together with Emek Cinema. Officially registered as a first-degree historical building, Cercle d’Orient apartment opened to public in May 2016 following the restoration. Grand Pera stands out as one of the most impressive centres in Beyoğlu and İstanbul with its 1,250-metre foyer area, 8 cinema salloons with a total of 800 seats, a 150-seat theatre with a telescopic seating arrangement, and a total capacity of 1,550 seats. The building, in addition to its several events rooms that serve in many fields like culture, arts, fashion, gastronomy, and entertainment, also houses Madame Tussauds, the famous vax museum.

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