AKM - Mehmet Âkif Ersoy Memorial House

Mehmet Âkif Ersoy Memorial House

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Within the scope of the project Beyoglu Culture Route, the fourth floor of Mısır Apartment, which served as the last residence of Mehmet Âkif Ersoy, the poet of our national anthem, in December 1936, has been renovated and converted into a memorial house. An important place to witness with one’s own eyes the life of Ersoy, who was a highly respected figure in the literary circles of his time, this building was designed in four sections including Mehmet Âkif Library, Documentary Room, Poetry Room, and Exhibition Salloon. The first room of the flat was designed as Ersoy’s library. The Documentary Room which showcases scenes from his life serve as a digital exhibition area, whereas the Poetry Room allows the visitors to hear from his own voice his feelings and thoughts. One section of the Exhibition Salloon is spared to Mehmet Âkif’s poetic identity; and here are exhibited nine copies of his work Safahat in Ottoman Turkish, which were transferred from Beyazıt State Library, and a few other books of the poet.  The Memorial House, which opened on the 100th anniversary of the Turkish national anthem, hosts several items which shed light on the life of Mehmet Âkif Ersoy, a literary master of Turkish literature.

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