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It is possible to trace and track Italian influence in Beyoğlu which have been preserved for centuries now. The Garibaldi building, which you can see on a narrow street to your left as you take a walk from Beyoğlu Tünel to Tepebaşı, was constructed by the famous architect Alessandro Vallauri in 1884. It bears the name from an Italian national hero, namely Giuseppe Garibaldi, and has served since its establishment as a meeting point for the Italian expats living in İstanbul. Having served under the name “Casa Garibaldi” for so many years for the Italian Workers Aid Society, the building has hosted several types of events including meetings, concerts, and exhibitions. The meetings which took place there were recorded by Italians for many years, and today, these records contribute to a large extent to its huge library, testifying to recent history.

Its restoration works having been completed in 2017, the building was brought back to the city life, with a historical texture that is still intact and well-preserved. During the art season 2019-2020, the building reopened its doors under the name State Theatres Garibaldi Scene, and the first play to be staged there was Meraklısı İçin Öyle Bir Hikâye, written by Sait Faik Abasıyanık, directed by Ozan Uçar, and featuring Taner Turan. Garibaldi Scene, which has had full attendance since the day it was founded, stands out as a favourite space for stage plays and premieres.

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